Private by appointment:  Aesthetic Spa  & RMT Massage 

    enjoy the privacy,  tranquil environment & professionalism highest quality  100% guaranteed  service   

  24 hr Cancellation notice is required - charges are applied 

 Naturally - Organic  solutions for all skin conditions & problems

26 years  experienced Medical Clinical Esthetician - works with the best Professional high performance products & Natural & Organic  Medical grade products behind scenes ,  to  allow your skin to repair from the  treatments of advanced best technologies (non - invasive) that is affordable  without  high cost expenses , naturally.... Guaranteed results !      

Marie  the esthetician works magic on your skin. I would recommend her to strangers, she is incredible.  Natasha 

Professional  and very imformative about my skin needs,  honest lady that cares about your skin .   after treatment  i was super amazed of how fast it was , it is permanent  results,  seen many estheticians for over 20 years and never got results like this , she is my favorite lady  , thanks! Donna

 I have never had such precision  with excellence  work on my skin ,  besides when i lived in Hungary,  she is very good at what she does, and affordable !    happy customer for life!  Romana G.

 Best treatments ! i also needed products that work, spent lots of money on smell pretty stuff , but  not effective to help change my skin better and repair, finally found the products that she recommended! Never been happier  -  thankful  Carey

 Naturally repair :    Roscea  * spider veins  * Hyperpigmentation * cellulite * Wrinkles  * Acne  * damaged  skin face & body 

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